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Diverting Water Away from Foundation

Part 2 at our Berkley Basement Waterproofing articles. Ever look out your window to joke that you acquired lakefront property without paying for it? The serious side is that you actually have a water drainage issue around your structure. While it can start out as a minor problem, drainage issues will lead to bigger problems…
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How Do I Stop My Basement From Seeping Water

No Royal Oak homeowner wants to find water in their basement. One of the most common problems in Royal Oak homes with basements is water seeping inside and pooling. There are several factors that cause basement wetting. Typically, wet basements occur during the winter months or after heavy rains. If left unchecked, basement moisture can…
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Royal Oak Basement Is Flooding

My Basement is Flooding  You don’t want to go down to your basement and see it flooded. Many people store their extra furniture, holiday décor, family mementos, and much more in the lower level of their home. So, finding these things in standing water is devastating. Many Royal Oak basements have a finished as family…
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Cost to Repair Basement Leak

Repair Basement Leak Is it worth it to waterproof your Royal Oak basement? Can you earn a return on your Royal Oak home investment is an important question with many home improvement projects and repairs. You want to get the best bang for your buck. Home improvements don’t come cheap. So the question is waterproofing…
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Dry Royal Oak Basement Smells Musty

If your dry Royal Oak basement smells musty is a sure sign that something is amiss. Even if the mold is invisible to the naked eye and the concrete appears to be dry, you can still have enough mold growth on your basement wall, crawl space or on your slab to create a serious odor…
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