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How to Seal Concrete Floor from Moisture

Water seeping through basement concrete floors can leave your home susceptible to big problems. This can affect the structural integrity of your Royal Oak home and be a catalyst for unhealthy mold and mildew growth. With constant exposure to moisture, a small crack in a concrete wall over time can morph into a big problem,…
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Royal Oak Basement Is Flooding

My Basement is Flooding  You don’t want to go down to your basement and see it flooded. Many people store their extra furniture, holiday décor, family mementos, and much more in the lower level of their home. So, finding these things in standing water is devastating. Many Royal Oak basements have a finished as family…
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Cost to Repair Basement Leak

Repair Basement Leak Is it worth it to waterproof your Royal Oak basement? Can you earn a return on your Royal Oak home investment is an important question with many home improvement projects and repairs. You want to get the best bang for your buck. Home improvements don’t come cheap. So the question is waterproofing…
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